How to define multiple recipients per email?

An address of a recipient can consist only of an email address, e.g.:

or it can be a combination of recipients name and his email, e.g.:
John Doe <info@johndoe.com>

Additionally his email address type in Edi can be one of the following types:
  1. TO (default)
  2. CC (carbon copy)
  3. BCC (blind carbon copy)

If there is no prefix, the (1) is selected, otherwise a copy will be sent, e.g.
CC:John Doe <info@johndoe.com>

You can define multiple recipients separating them with ; (semicolon), e.g.
{Name} <{Email}>;CC:John Doe <info@johndoe.com>

In the above scenario,
  • first email will be sent to the customer at his "Email" field value
  • second email will be sent as a carbon copy to info@johndoe.com

Define multipe recipients per email in serial letter.
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