How to use Mail Merge to create PDF files?

Mail Merge is used for creating one or multiple documents by merging a single document template with multiple data records from a data source. As a result it could be a personalized offer, an invitation or a simple letter addressed to multiple recipients.

Using Mail Merge requires a document template.
How to create a document template?

Mail Merge is made using the following three steps.

Select data source

Open the ribbon page "Variables" and click the button "Select Data Source". A dialog will be shown.

Open the data source file. Its content will be presented in the table view. After opening the MS Excel- (*.xls) or the MS Access- (*.mdb) file, the data type will be automatically detected for all columns. No further configuration is required.

How to select data source for mail merge

Assign document variables to the data source columns

For presenting the data in the document, the data place holders (variables) must be assigned to the data source columns.

Click the button "Assign Variables" on the ribbon page "Variables". A dialog will be shown.

Select an according column name for each variable presented on the left side of the dialog.

Assign variables to data source

Produce documents

Click the button "Create Mails" from the ribbon page "Variables". A dialog will be shown.

Create mails

Select location and a name for the target file.

Select PDF File as the document format for the target file. Other possible document formats would be as follows:
  • MS Word 2007 Document (*.docx)
  • MS Word 97 - 2003 Document (*.doc)
  • OpenOffice Open Document (*.odt)
  • Rich Text Format (*.rtf)
  • Word XML Document (*.xml)
  • Hypertext Markup Language (*.htm, *.html)
  • Electronic Publication (*.epub)
  • Web-Archive Single File (*.mht)
  • Text File (*.txt)
  • Edi File (*.edi)
  • Adobe PDF File (*.pdf)

Further you can define saving each data record in a different file or merge all data records in a single file.

Select "Save all data records in a single document". All data records will be saved in a single file.

Select "Show each data record on a new page". Not selecting this option would append each data record under the previous one without page breaks.

Click the OK button, the PDF file will be created and shown in Windows Explorer. After double clicking the file you'll see its content (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required)

PDF result of the Mail Merge

PDF result of the Mail Merge

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