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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to create a document template?

Document Template is a document with at least one variable defined. The variable is a place holder for data. The data can change according to the current context. To more...

How to insert variables to document?

Select the text you want to replace with the variable and cut it to the clipboard (Ctrl-X). Open the ribbon page "Variables". Click the button "Insert". A dialog will more...

How to use Mail Merge to create PDF files?

Mail Merge is used for creating one or multiple documents by merging a single document template with multiple data records from a data source. As a result it could be more...

Is it possible to buy Edi with a credit card and a free email account?

For security reasons it's not possible to buy Edi with a credit card and a free email account. Please consider using other email address (an academic, business one). more...

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