Mail merge


What is Mail Merge?

According to Wikipedia - mail merge is a letter sent to multiple recipients. Parts of the letter are personalized to make the recipients thinking - the letter is written specially for them. For mail merge is a database and letter template required.

Mail Merge with MS Office

MS Excel could be a great database. You can easily define, group, sort and format your data in columns or rows. Unfortunately you cannot mail merge with MS Excel since it lacks of a text processor, required for creating the mail merge template.

With MS Word you can edit sophisticated document templates. Ms Word offers however no database to store the mail merge data.

Mail Merge with Edi

Edi combines the advantages of MS Word and MS Excel and additionally it eliminates the known disadvantages of mail merge with MS Office.

Due to the internal connection between its spreadsheet and the text processor, you don't ever need to switch between multiple applications. Edi can automatically synchronize spreadsheet data with document fields.

Mail merge with Edi is a matter of minutes.

Mail Merge in 60 seconds. Without cheats, in real time

With Edi FREE you can create serial letters as PDF documents and send them as personalized emails. You may use Edi FREE at no cost, as long as you wish, even for commercial purposes, e.g.

  • mail merge into multiple PDF files
  • name PDF files individually for each customer
  • send serial letters as personalized PDF attachments per email
  • define multiple email recipients per single email (CC, BCC)
  • use MS Word, OpenOffice and Excel files as mail merge templates
  • download serial letter templates from the online repository of Edi (e.g. payment reminder)
  • track the history of your documents

Download Edi FREE

Edi PRO offers you additionally:

  • mail merge into encrypted PDF
  • encrypt each PDF file with an individual password per customer
  • use multiple sender identities (FROM) according to your business needs
  • create Master-Detail mail merge (e.g. invoice, restaurant menu ) (New!)
  • send multiple email attachments in a single email (e.g. invoice + terms and conditions + privacy policy) (New!)

Pay only once for Edi PRO and you may use it lifelong. There are no subscriptions and no other hidden fees. Edi is On-Premises-Software. It installs on your computer completely locally. There are no third party cloud providers involved. Your data belongs 100% to you and it stays 100% with you.

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  • no registration
  • no time limit
  • even for business


  • pay only once
  • use it lifelong
  • 100% local data